Hey, Hej, Hola.

I'm a PHP/Laravel developer from Denmark. Also working full-time as a Magento developer - Sharing some repositories on Github

I like to do both, front and backend development. For some, it can be a little bit confusing. Especially because I also like to draw/design. Which always leads to the question: "But what do you enjoy the most?".

The truth is: All of it. It's the combination of creating, integrating and bulding the architecture when developing a website.

Frameworks I use for development

... Also a huge fan of Laravel's Ecosystem.


  • PHP7/8, Laravel
  • Forge & Envoyer
  • MySQL/mariaDB
  • Vuejs, Vuex, vue-router | Base
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Laravel sail
  • Tailwindcss
  • Selenium tests | Base
  • Git (Bitbucket/Github/Gitlab)
  • Composer/NPM

Main tools I use

  • PhpStorm
  • Tower Git Client / iTerm2
  • Docker Desktop, Laravel Sail & DDEV
  • TablePlus
  • Sketch (Design- but not using it that much anymore)

Upcoming projects 2021

  • New system for ProfesionalMente (Laravel/Tailwind/Vue) (Still in progress)

Projects I made in 2020

Proejcts in 2019

... and a bunch of other cases via. ZenRockes (My old company. From 2010 to 2020)

My blog will mainly be for sharing codes, tips and showcase my sideprojects.